Parkland Communication Curriculum


Parkland College Communication faculty provide a strong foundation of courses for students planning to transfer to a college or university in pursuit of a bachelorís degree. Students take our classes to fulfill General Education requirements, or to explore the various paths available in Communication studies. In addition, several career programs and a certificate program are also available.

Parkland Communication students engage in critical inquiry and application of communication skills. There are two primary paths to choose from in the communication program Ė media communication and public and professional communication. Each path is designed to provide a balance of theory and application so that students can successfully transfer to the four year program of their choice.

Students seeking media communication can choose career programs in Broadcast Technology, Media Arts and Production, or Photography. For those students seeking to build their skills in media, computers and the arts there is also a certificate program in Media Production.

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    This Associate in Arts program prepares students to transfer by providing the opportunity for students to choose between two concentrations:

    Media Communication provides students with experience in areas such as advertising and public relations, radio broadcast, video production and photography as well as media theory.

    Public and Professional Communication provides students with knowledge and experience in areas such as public address, interpersonal communication, group and leadership communication, as well as organizational communication.

    Communication: Broadcast Technology

    This Associate in Applied Science program prepares students for careers in radio and television engineering and technical support. This program provides interested students with an opportunity to work in Parklandís radio station WPCD-FM.

    Communication: Media Arts and Production

    This Associate in Applied Science program prepares students for employment in small and medium market radio and TV stations as well as corporate communication and public relations offices. In addition, this program provides students with valuable opportunities to work in Parklandís radio station WPCD-FM and Parklandís TV station PCTV.


    This Associate in Applied Science program prepares students for employment as studio photographers, photographer assistants and studio managers as well as other photography related jobs.

    Media Production

    This certificate program is designed for students interested in media, computers, and the arts. It prepares students for entry-level positions that require in-depth knowledge of mass communication production techniques. Student will gain practical experience producing for radio, television, sports, music, film and digital media and gain valuable experience working in Parklandís Radio Station WPCD-FM and Parklandís TV station PCTV.

    Sports Broadcasting

    Students interested in learning about sports broadcasting and announcing can sign up for
    COM 150 and learn broadcast techniques and production for sports broadcasting, producing, directing, performing, editing, and interviewing. Students will receive extensive training in field production of Parkland College sports events that are streamed over


    Students should make an appointment with an academic advisor or consult with the Communication Program Director and Assistant Chair, Julie Weishar to explore their options. Students interested in transferring to a baccalaureate program should be aware that transfer institutions might have additional requirements. Students should plan their transfer programs with a faculty advisor and the catalog of the four-year college or university they plan to attend.