Presentation Center

Parkland Presentation Center in C152

The Presentation Center is now in C152 (next door to old room) and will open on Monday, January 22nd.

We have a larger space that is more comfortable for students to come in and work on their oral presentations for both individual and group projects.

Our communication faculty staffing the Center can help students with a wide variety of challenges such as organizing speeches, creating visual aids, speech anxiety, and of course coaching them in delivery of their speeches.

Serving Students, Faculty, and Staff


Coaching Services:

• Practice and videotape your next presentation

• Get help putting together a solo or group presentation for any class

• Get coaching to improve oral communication skills

• Get help in coping with anxiety


Drop-In Hours:

Monday : 9 am 11 am and 12 pm 2 pm
Tuesday : 9 am 6 pm
Wednesday : 9 am 12 pm and 1 pm 2 pm
Thursday : 9 am 4 pm
Friday : 9 am 12:30 pm

Other hours made by appointment.



Jody Elder Littleton
Presentation Center Coordinator


Julie Weishar
Program Director Communication