Parkland College Scholarships


Parkland Fine and Applied Arts music and theatre scholarships cover full tuition and fees. Our scholarships are open to high school graduates, those with high school equivalent or above education, and students currently attending Parkland College. Scholarships are awarded in May on a semester basis and may be renewed for up to four semesters. Applicants must contact Dr. Peter Roubal to schedule an audition before the end of May.


All scholarship students must:

  1. Carry at least 12 credit hours (full time) at Parkland each semester.
  2. Maintain a 3.0 overall grade point average (on a 4.0 scale) starting from the semester the scholarship is awarded/accepted.
  3. Start the application process by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online.
  4. Download the music application, print it out, and send it to the Financial Aid office in A170.


Additional requirements:

  • Must be a degree-seeking student enrolled in the Music A.F.A. program.
  • A 6 hour per week requirement of service to the FAA Department or Music program. This will most likely consist of student worker duties (such as filing music, setting up stands and chairs) for the directors of the orchestra, concert band or chamber singers.


Scholarship Audition:

    Music majors are required to designate a primary instrument and applicants should audition on their primary instrument.

    Audition will consist of the following:
  • A short prepared piece. Music does not have to be memorized. Musical selection should be from classical or art music repertoire for your instrument or voice. (Popular music is not preferred).
  • Playing/singing of major and minor scales and arpeggios. (No minimum tempo required).
  • Sight-reading either vocally or on your instrument.


Contact: Dr. Peter Roubal at 217-351-2366 to schedule auditions after April 1.